Basics of Industrial Design Semester: Learning the very basics of being a designer and open innovator. Experiencing what it means to be an explorer, creator, and entrepreneur.
Project: Design of office furniture for a modern flex-working environment. Working in collaboration with Royal Ahrend, a well established dutch company that develops and produces office furniture.
Outcome: A concept for an innovative desk has been created. Featuring a one person, distraction free, sit-stand workstation. By putting several units together it is possible to come up with a near endless amount of shapes - suiting every space requirement - whilst creating sections for private work, meetings, chill-out, printers, food, storage and much more.
Learnings: Teamwork: Working in an international setting, communicating, analyzing team work and dynamics. Design Process: Doing reseach, defining the problem, design briefs, creating ideas, using converging methods, presenting ideas to client. Basics of Engineering: Qualitative approach towards Engineering, Free Body Diagrams. Entrepreneurship: Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition. Personal Growth: Sweet Spot Model, Personal Values.
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