Prototyping and Craftsmanship Semester: “The focus of this semester is on craftsmanship and making models and prototypes, and is very hands-on. During this semester you are going to participate in several workshops that include lectures and hands on practices. You are also going to work in teams to design for a client, a craftsmen.”
Project: Designing and crafting a wooden lounge chair for our client EricMertens.
Outcomes: Research on designs, construction and ergonomics. Testing of various aspects such as ergonomics. Various ideas and solutions have been come up with, sketched, put in to form of small models and then have been converged on. Full scale models have been produced for further testing. Client feedback has been implemented into another 1:3 model. To finish off the project a final 1:1 model has been built to great detail out of mahogany and ipe wood.
Learnings: Applications of prototyping within design process. Research and learning about ergonomics and general design of furniture/chairs. Close look at designers and icons of furniture. Working with wood, making furniture out of wood. Prototyping with: Cardboard, wood, all sorts and densities of foam, sheet metal, epoxy resin, silicone and plaster molds.
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