Smart Objects Semester: “The world is becoming an increasingly connected place, where people are using technology to extend their social reach. In this semester you will discover what the sense and nonsense is of the IoT by creating your own experimental Smart Objects”
Project: During this semester we worked for Living Lab Scheveningen.Their aim is to investigate how smart city infrastructure is real life viable to contribute to a sustainable, safe and pleasant living environment. Our task was to create awareness on data collection thru the means of a smart object that would be placed in the public spaces of Scheveningen.
Outcome/Results: We have built a smart trashcan, capable of showcasing various sets of data on an array of LED lights. Prototypes have been made using Arduino.
Learnings: Basics of programming (Sonic Pi, Processing, Arduino(C++)), electronic components, basics of electronics, circuit reading, system thinking (e.g.function analysis, system diagram),design process (e.g. storyboards, flowcharts, design brief), Arduino hardware/software, automated systems, sensors and actuators, idea development, ethics of technology, user testing.
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